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  • Hey bacdar,

    Just wanted to report some people who are CLEARLY cheating by boosting or some other method. I always see these three on a team except this game that I just played where one of them was on the opposing. Soon as the game started he just stayed at the core and allowed his teammates to destroy us. They are always doing this. Please look into all three of them

    Match id: 1505559672910

    It's ADATOR307 on my team.

    Boosting for the others it's CLEARLY CHEATING
    September 19

  • Good morning Bacdar, I come here to denounce a player that is using hack, I have the video of the match in which it is invisible and attack the players, towers and nucleus undetected
    video of the match

    September 13
  • † ★∃71Т G∀M∃R ★ †
    September 7
  • I keep getting put in matches where I am playing extremely high level players getting slaughtered and 0 kills they are impossible to kill it is like I have no chance to get any kills and you can see my track record I still try playing the game but it is not very fun anymore is there a way of compteing with my own level ?
    September 6
    • san_n
      Bro when you cross sample level server automatically puts you with your level players or higher so the thing is at what time you search match .
  • jasmi
    hi problem server invokers not possible invite friend in game server invokers no SINCRO please help me ID jasmine2323
    August 31
  • the core killed the team at end of game ? please help this to not happen it has happened 2 times in a week
    August 31
  • 1500412333595
    August 31
  • 1500412332775 150041232607 1500412330302
    August 31
  • why is it taking so long to get a game? and then why am I plying people 10 times better then me ?
    August 31
  • Galera estou com um problema na hora de colocar vip a cobrança e feita no meu cartão mas n entra o beneficio para mim na minha conta gostaria de uma ajuda paguei agora o pacote de 3meses mas n entra
    O que eu faço
    August 25
  • does anybody know when the servers will be working good ?

    August 24
  • I wish this game was working good having a synching problem ?

    August 24
  • add me n ur friends we could play
    July 5
  • Rhudel76
    bro add me n ur friends list so we could team also a filipino
    July 5
  • I love these game!
    July 3
  • Match id 1496080175023
    Usa server
    June 19
  • @bacdar hello bacdar my main playstation account (haydenmanson) was banned and was wondering if you could transfer the data from the account to my new one?
    June 12
  • Quero clã, jonasoull
    June 1
  • can you pls add me
    May 21
  • Look at the sky, think about your best memories, that you never forget, and you see an orange sky with an scorching sun, pointing out from the west, making your eyes glooming. #BeCreative. #EnjoyLife :)
    May 15
  • Living life :)
    Enjoy your life, don't waste it.
    May 12
  • Uso de Hack, Servidor US, ID PAULADA_CERTA, me explique GM ou ADM, como pode minha conta lvl 77 com os itens + tops aparecidos nas lojas até o momento, estar com eu com HP cheio e de posse do livre que aumenta o ataque, soltar chuva da spinna nessa ID PAULADA_CERTA que estava com HP pela metade, o mesmo levou toda a chuva e não morreu e ele ainda me matou e o detalhe ele é apenas lvl 48, se ele não usa hack então eu sou **** pois tenho lvl 77 e nunca vi itens que me dessem tanto poder, ou vocês resolvem isso ou estarei largando o jogo, não gasto + nem 1 centavo aqui pois não sou palhaço!!!
    May 10
    • Betinhalife
      Verdade concordo com vc tem lvl muito mas baixo que nos e fazem um estrago, queria intender tbm mas ta osso
  • SMARTMARCELO TO BACDAR OR SOMEONE WHO MANEGEMENT THIS GAME:PLEASE Check it out this match a player fenix_saint stare at the platform in sanctuary around half match make me and other player lose. Id:1492541215212. Thank you .
    April 20
  • hello crisan
    April 11
  • I want Report abrhan1605 id1489525610447 Strange move in defensive mode
    March 28
  • Hello Guys.
    March 21
  • jasmi
    shup up nooob u impossibile win gold metal tu eres very very very rabbit in game me win vs u 5 minuts next season me team win gold metal and aco51 win gold metal solo
    March 12
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    March 7
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    February 21
  • Yankee
    Now I'm sure you're girl...because you have no BALLS!!!
    February 19