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1. What is this? A MOBA without minions?
Yes and no. If you expect the minions to behave exactly the same as in other MOBAs, no.
In Invokers Tournament, some avatars are able to summon minions to aid them in battle.
Also, in the magic shop you can obtain, among others, scrolls that can create a minion during the match.
keep in mind that as well as these minions, you can also free the statues in The Jungle of Orth, which are especially resistant to the Towers' blasts.

2. Do I have to pay to be able to play with my friends?
• Only the Team Leader needs to have a subscription when they create the team.
• Friends do NOT need to have a subscription to be able to receive an invitation to a team.
• The team can be used indefinitely, even after the Leader's subscription expires.
• You can also play with another player as a temporal group (not a team), no subscription needed.

3. What does that little orange helmet on my top bar mean?
It means you are subscribed to the game.
You will have game shop discounts, priority when searching for matches and be able to create teams and personalize your avatar at any time.

4. And the red helmet while I'm playing?
It means a part of your equipment is broken. For a little gold, you can fix it in the Blacksmith or Magic Store.

5. Passive Items.
You can place them on your belt for use in online games, you do not have to activate them and, unlike other belt items, they are not consumed. You can only place 2 at a time, and is not allowed to duplicate the same type.
NOTE: Passive items stats are not shown in the Inventory screen, but are applied in the server when playing online matches.

6. Player damage.
In Invokers Tournament, there are several factors that determine the damage you do to your opponents.
It is important to have a good weapon, but more important is leveling within a party, which is reflected in the number above your character.
On the other hand, you have to keep in mind that the damage is multiplied by the avatar you're using, select them well!

7. Tips.
• Press and hold R1 to disable autolock.
• Use different avatars when playing online, they will receive stats bonus.


1. The saved game is corrupted and I lost all the progress, what do I do?
Do not worry, you can do the following to download the game data from the server:
1. If you play on PSVita, uninstall and install the game again.
2. If you play on PS3 or PS4, delete the saved game and open the game.

2. I can't enter the game, always appears a server error.
Please wait some hours, can be caused by some temporal server issue.
If still happens for a day, can be caused due to a corrupted savegame, in this case, please do (1)

3. I registered for the Invokers Tournament Forum, but I don't receive any confirmation message.
Please, check your SPAM folder.

4. I can enter the game, but cannot play online matches!!
If you are able to connect to the Internet but cannot play Invokers Tournament, it may be a firewall issue.
Here are the TCP and UDP Port numbers you will need to connect to the game servers.

TCP Ports: 80, 443
UDP Ports: 50000 - 60000


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