Ineed help EU server

I have a problem in the game always stop in game and out account me M7TRFxF16 :-*


  • For the last days, some users have had issues connecting to the EU Server, but they should be fixed now.
    Please, can you confirm if you still have problems connecting to the game?
    Thank you!
  • edited March 2017
    still i have a problem stop in game and out
    net me fast only problem in Invoker
  • Hi,
    Did you changed the router configuration?
    Please check this:

    You need to have the following ports open:
    TCP Ports: 80, 443
    UDP Ports: 50000 - 60000

    One question, are you able to join a game, and later on you are dropped? or you can't even join start the online match?

  • I have a problem in game,when i go to play said always 'Connection timed out.Please try again later.'
    My ID is efroment EU server
  • Yep, I'ma too having problems logging in, score not being awarded, etc. Doesn't seem very stable at the minute. I don't have a problem on psn any other times.
  • Good morning!! Bacdar Please fix the problem !! I play 1 game after you can not again !!
  • Sorry for the late response, we suffered some server issues last days.
    This should be fixed now. Please, could you confirm me if all is working ok now?
  • Np for late responce.Its ok now
    We need new avatars!!
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