The key to success!

Hi! Many of you may be considering "why am I not winning matches!!" that's probably you done the wrong thing! Here are some tips on how to achieve victory constantly for your team! :) Enjoy Smarties!

1: Teamwork is the first tip to success of victory. If you don't work together, you can't win (obviously!) make sure you're always working together! You'll see what happens when you work together! :)

2: Stick to a plan! Use emotes! Always use the communication emotes to help others out! Make a plan! for example: 2 attackers & 1 defender! If you don't stick to the plan, you might not win! :)

3: Use clever & recommended avatars! Always use good avatars & tactical that attack towers very strong. Don't use weak avatars that don't get kills. Destroying towers gives tons of XP. Use strong & tower-attacking avatars!

4: Have strong armor! Even if you're low level player, find the best quality armor for yourself so you don't die whilst you're attacking towers or killing other players in the game! Find a armor that is suitable for you! There is always one!

5: Don't give up! Try your best! If you're just going to stand by the core, spinning in circles that means you give up! If you give up, you will lose. There is always a way to win. Even if you're losing badly, don't give up, try your best! :)

I hope this is useful to you guys! :)
Mostly recommended for low level players!
You're free to comment & view on this discussion all the time :)

By Smarty! :)
Enjoy Smarties! :D
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