Fresh Start for Next Season?

Hi! So i was thinking if Bacdar could make servers even more cleaner! To make the server better, improved. Faster searching for matches and going against the players that are same level as you. Leaving matches should give probation for 2 minutes. Should have fun on the servers. Boosters get banned & reset to level 1
& hackers get permanent ban. Maybe we want players to have more fun & experience. We could have double XP Weekends for low level players.

Q: Why should there be a fresh start for the next season?
A: Because so the server is more cleaner and players have more fun! :)

I'm waiting for a fresh start for next season because i want people to not complain & i want them to have fun. We want the players to have better experience on the game so if they forget, they can use the basics! Clean servers, removed bugs from the server is perfect! I want the game to be perfect, faster speed, better connection for your gaming. We all want a happy & fun server with no bugs or boosters. We want people to enjoy & be experienced more! :)

Thank you! :)


  • I have a idea for the Bacdar.
    When we put select we will can see us K/D and the score.The time in the game
  • thats a great idea efromen sad it came from a mouth of a douche.And you superstar need to lay low for a while had enough of your bullshit
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