The Invokers Tournament Story (my Own!)

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Story begins now! -
Contains speech of avatars & recommended for anyone! :)

"I just can't believe what is happening now! My father has destroyed everything with his volcano!! What should I do now, my Mum is going to kill me if i try to build this house again!! I have an idea Ghello! We can tell Corrupted Loudo to rebuild this house! "But, what if your dad sees him?" "You're right, Ghello!"
What should we do now? I have no option!! "Okay, right, Golem, we need to kill your friend" What!!!!!! No way I'm doing that!
Golem is complaining about his father to Ghello that his dad has broke his house, what can he do?
"Okay, i need to tell my mom that where is Dad?" Golem, your dad is with my dad!! "Really? Oh noooo!!! I'm dead! Okay, we gotta plan, lets meet at the Jungle of Orth, we can find evidence there about why your Dad done this!" "Sure i'm coming"
Now that Ghello & Golem have met at the Jungle of Orth, they are trying to find the evidence, where can the evidence be?
"I don't know how the evidence looks like!" "It's a yellow paper with gibberish writing" "Oh!" "I've FOUND IT" "Okay, we need to take it home and check!" "Sure!"
"Ghello, it says that Dad has been out somewhere out and he eat something bad! He ate piece of grass that was in mud!!!" "What!!??" "Dad is coming, Ghello, i need to hang up!"
Golem hangs up & Golem's dad enters the room.
"Hi, dad" "Hi, son, who were you talking to?" "Uh, Uh, Uh, I was talking to Mom"
Golem lies to his father.
"Okay, don't talk much & protect the city NOW!" " Uhhh, okay dad.
Corrupted Loudo reaches Golem's house by hiding.
"You need to do this! CL!"
Corrupted Loudo grabs Golems Dad & asks him questions.
"How dare you destroy your own son's house?!"
"How dare you stay with my son?!"
"What is your problem, tell me or else i will slay you in pieces!"
"I've destroyed it because Desert Raider told me to!"
"Where is he, I will kill him!!"
"He's in The Sanctuary!"
"Golem, lets go to the Sanctuary!
"Who are you?!"
"I will destroy you!!!!!!!!!!
Corrupted Loudo kills Desert Raider and they all live in piece :)

Golem (main)
Ghello (Golem's friend)
Corrupted Loudo (Golem's uncle)
Krurk (Golem's father)
Desert Raider (enemy)
Dehra (Golem's mother)
Roja (Ghello's mother)
Loudo (Ghello's father)

Thank you guys! :)


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