Invokers in general

most people wont read and will hate but i generally dont care.

people always talk **** about invokers, all i hear is 'his level is to high', ive been playing invokers for a good while around (lvl 67) or so, and no im not a well known player but ive always been under level'd from the big known players but still able to fight against them and win. invokers is strategy and knowing who and what ur against, and i dont care if people message me saying your ****, oh your bad, delete the game because i know im a strong player when always playing at a disadvantage. but people need to learn you wont win by always stealing kills and taking the tome. the game is about working as a team, making smart plays and decisions, people might build there armour and weapons around tome damage but then they put themselves at an disadvantage for when they dont get or cant have the tome because most people think oh these guys are bad i should get the tome, the best way to be successful, strong and able to fight and win in any match is being a team player, picking your own rings is what most people like to do but its always good to see what ur team has and what your team needs, yeah maybe you dont want to pick a ring that only heals or any gives extra defense (loudo, sgritch, dhera etc) but al rings have the own advantages and stron points. so basically to re-cap, you can win any game as long as you decide to be a team player and make smart plays and choices. most people i have played with ask my how i get so many kills and hardly any deaths (not being cocky i normally get at least 10+ kills and 3 or less deaths) and yes people screenshots of me with bad KDR but everyone has bad games... ive seen the top players going 1-10 etc it doesnt matter about k/d's, to most people it does but it doesnt, its about getting that win.


  • blaa blaa.You cant say "kill steal" only nubs say that.
  • OMG Yorkipe you have see K/D and W/D of Hayden Manson,you dont know nothing front of him,so close you mouth and listen he for win any game
  • Yankee i said nothing about kill steal and also to me people dont kill steal if they are generAlly helping to kill enemies
  • i see he didnt play a single match this year,what's up with that nostalgia.
  • im not taking any advice from someone who makes so many grammar mistakes.If you cant read english quit gaming is not meant for stupid people.
  • this goes to efromen.
  • I know,i cant speak good engish and i said it a lot of times in forum and my friend.And why i stop to play invokers you not want to defeat more games vs me?
  • yankee very noob player de invokers escape de game looooooool
  • jasmi how is going brother
  • OMG Yankee you dont know what to said
  • yankee i haven't played invokers in a long time because i quit because unlike you, i have a real life where i work and have a relationship maybe if you took time off you could accomplish something with you life
  • my man
  • bartender or driver? is your gf that desperate?
  • i dont care if people message me saying your ****, oh your bad, delete the game.

    That'll probably be jasmine2323 I'm guessing, or as she/he is known on the forums jasmi. Well done, when you get those kind of messages it just means you have succeeded in annoying them. I frequently received those type of messages from him/her, particularly if I evaded several of their attempts to make a kill, or blocked them from getting easy kills against my allies.

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