Can someone please help me by answering few my questions

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Can anyone out there help me? I would like to know if there is away to unlock or buy new maps? I own the PS Vita version and it only has two maps. One is destroy the core the jungle the other is capture the points forgo t the name of that map. Is it worth buying the online pass? What does the Online pass do that one does not have do exactly? Will buying the online pass give me new maps?


  • MrL
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    No new maps, there are only those 2, the Jungle, and Sanctuary.

    The online pass increases the amount of inventory space you have, from 25 to 99 slots. It also increases the amount of XP you receive from each match, so you can level up a bit sooner. Additionally, it allows you to create teams, you can invite friends to be members of this team so you can all play together in a match, rather than being paired up with random people.
  • That's a bummer that it only has two maps. Is there any word on new DLC or patches coming up?
  • No new DLCS / Maps planned at this moment.
  • Why not!? Is this game still supported?
  • Like what games are like this one that I should try ?
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    Bacdar said:

    No new DLCS / Maps planned at this moment.

    its bad that you all are not planning for dlc its problem for us to buy subscription.
    now only things of our is to wait for another update .Allllllll player are waiting. like you cant ignore this @bacdar.

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