I wonder if this game is still have a pulse?

I would like to know if this game is still relevant? What I mean by that is will there be new updates for glitches will there be new map new weapons and rings?


  • Short answer, no, and not likely.

    For the long answer, just browse through the forum a bit, you'll see the same or similar question asked many times, with little to no feedback from staff.
  • O man that's a bummer I'm really green here. That's a dam shame I just found this game and I found a few glitches I would like to report so they can fix them. I'm mad addicted to this game! I hate it when I find games that good at random get really get into it and find out it's a dead game meaning there is no DLC or updates ect.
  • Yeah, to be fair it's not a bad little MOBA. I view it as a simplified version of the bigger more well-known games in this genre, which makes it good for casual gaming or light competition; but it's ruined by a complete lack of support or fresh content.
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