Help Required.

@Bacdar: I sent you a private message a few days ago stating the problem; I don't mind waiting for support as long as I know you have received the message and will be able to help at some point over the next several weeks.

If possible, would you please review the situation and try to help me resolve it. Again, there's no rush, I would just appreciate some form of confirmation that help will be available at some point.

@StormBASIC: If Bacdar is busy/away, are there any other staff online that can help? If so, let me know and I can PM the details of the problem.


  • actually i dont really aspect anything from bacdar now a dys
  • @Bacdar: Are you there? Perhaps on holiday....

    @StormBASIC: Is anyone there?

    I'll continue to wait, not much else I can do. I can't play until this is sorted. I did need a break, but it would be nice to play a match on the odd occasion I feel the desire.
  • Paid for the subscribtion and gold but am not getting anything. Is that fraud??? Wonder who can help me?
  • I'm am also not getting my coins. US server are not synchronizing
  • Wow still no answer from @Bacdar . sorry for you guys,who payed now for coins or subscription, us or eu servers are broken,we still cant synchronise... Omg
  • Yea I bought subscription but its not showing up. I will call Sony if problem not fixed to get my money back.
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