Invokers Tournament - Trophy Guide & Roadmap

Invokers Tournament Trophies Guide:

Champion: (Gold trophy)
In the season, be placed in the top 100.

Path Master:
Complete the Anundabar missions three times exactly.

1st Division:
Reach the 1st Division

The Collector:
Equip your character fully with level 60 items.

Earn or purchase an item that is rare or gold.

Dressed to Impress:
Equip a item that is over level 5.

Lemme at 'em!:
Defeat all the enemies of the enemy team.

2nd Division:
Reach the 2nd division.

3rd Divison:
Reach the 3rd division.

4th Division:
Reach the 4th division.

Complete all of the Anundabar missions (once)

They Call Me Death:
Reach 30 kills in a match.

Weapon Master:
Earn or purchase a weapon that is level 40 or higher.

To reach 100% it will approximately take a week.
Trophies difficulty: 2/10


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