Bacdar I quit playing this game for about 3 months due to being put in high level opponents and having ignorant teammates be jerks there are lots of people throwing games which Im sure you are aware of but for me it is getting old quick I wish you could monitor the games better if your intrested in the games that I have been keeping a list of get back with me I have at least 10 or more games in a few days that have been thrown or rigged please help this situation out for all of us thanks SWA2017


  • its been long since @bacdar isnt online
  • Match 1514203867052 B1CHO_PIRUET10 was a teammate first game were I was slaughtered he got 3 kills died once other teammate got slaughtered too then took me into another match against same 3 opponents and left the match this time there needs to be a way of controlling matches and people leaving the game just so there friends can get even or for gold please help
  • way to let it run wild this game is out of control either playstation need to get a grip on it or start looking like ########.
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