Total SoLo & Bacdar?

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about total solo of Server EU ...
Total solo of EU is never refreshed .i think GKDPJ the 1st ranked plager has already crossed 40,000,00 in game but its shows just 30,000,00 ..
2) M7TRFx16 already got 2 gold but its shows 0 and GKDPJ has 7 gold now and its shows 5 only ..
in Server US just a month ago Raphelbrazil was 1st ranked but now shipw .that server is refreshed daily??
server EU is the 1st server of the game and what a shame to say they dont give a **** to this server #Bacdar
seeing server EU and US ranking all says EU has all noob players and no pro players because there is 10,000,00 difference in scores so whoever the developer sees this pls refresh total Solo plage of server EU .


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