How to make a matchmaking with the same level players as me and etc players which they are 70+ level

I'm at 6th place of this season with 3 victories, 0 draws and 7 defeats which means that i've got 10% at wins, because of matchmaking of this game. If one player who plays solo or duo with one friend, i have to say something about this. Yesterday i joined a match and my two team mates Roll_Mobs and roll_kops was in my team which means if you check these stats Roll_Mobs is 20 level and his friend roll_kops started the game yesterday and it's 1 lvl, and the other team was ely906 is 82 level and her 2 team mates was 77 level named EdgarTorres74 and saj7861 was 67 level. That means they was a good team, also today metro75, zakproff93 and Einnor01 was my opponents without playing at a team. At the first game we've got a team mate 23 level named The8BuHo which means that the other side was stronger than us. So i have to say shut down the servers for 1 week and make the matchmaking great again and without other players raging. (If you read this and you have to tell your opinion tell and i'll answer, but don't tell it trash.) Thank you :-*


  • Use the balanced search, not the fast search, and the problem will be solving bro...
  • So i have to say shut down the servers for 1 week: (more like forever)
    and make the matchmaking great again: (was never great)

    Look at that guy KovZsi he actually believes this game works.
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