• Made Screenshots of mine during the last days. ;)) This did not come unexpected.. :-<
  • What do you think of the game concept being the problem that stormbasic said caused the game to be unsuccessful?
    "Unfortunately, our game concept did not translate as we hoped"
    I think the concept was fine, game was quite playable and fun in concept being a MOBA lite. Crossplay on ps3/ps4/vita was very novel idea not often used.
    It was other things that stunted the game and caused many players to stop playing, leaving only a **** left. The fact that stormbasic don't see that speaks volumes.
  • stormbasic may be finished as a company idk they seem pretty shady to me anyway but for a while I thought they could learn from their mistakes and make an improved invokers 2 or something, as the core of the game is sound. It's pretty obvious though, they never learn from their mistakes and I don't think they will be making any more games.
  • and the game had a pretty long run, longer than some online games and surely they were making some money. I don't think they were runnign as a charity.
    Just bashing the concept as the cause of the game ending is a final stupidity IMO. Sell the concept and characters and game to another company that can actually run an online game competently but no, blame the concept instead and throw away any chance of an invokers2. I mean who would buy this sh1tty IP now?
  • I would if i had the money. :-< The fact that the game had players until its very last day speaks for its quality.
  • Invokers is the best game that i love very much! The weak point its easy to hack... Please make invokers2 with stronger hackprotection!!!
    The last 3 month i learned how to play and using any item and in god mode... metro75 did the same!
  • Oh yes i saw. This hack only works when using a Vita? I saw the YouTube Video, but its all Spanish language... :(
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