Unfortunately, our game concept did not translate as we hoped

Game concept was fine. MOBA lite accessable and ripoff of popular franchise, absolutely fine you had some success for a small game and daily players/subscribers. You had your core players (addicts).
Your problem was your business mind and promotion of game and retention of nonpaying players to possibly convert them into paying players. STINGY REWARDS - LACK OF PROMOTIONS AND EVENTS - LACK OF SEARCH OPTIONS - LACK OF INCENTIVES TO KEEP PLAYING -
Just very slow and bad updating of store (once a week) BAD ITEMS TO BUY - BAD EQUIPMENT REWARDS.
In your ripping off of other game ideas (not a bad thing) you should have also ripped off their promotions. ITEM REWARDS INCREASE WITH DAILY LOGIN - TIMED TRY OUT OF NEW AVATARS - ETC. STUFF YOU GET IN EVERY OTHER FTP GAME THAT STOP MONOTONY AND KEEP PEOPLE PLAYING AND TRYING TO WIN.
In my time playing and reaching lv 70 there are still avatars I never got to used because of your STINGENESS. How many players never got to play any avatar except Golem/Tronor? Thats YOUR work creating ALL those characters wasted.



  • I mean, if this was a game you just play with your friends and you remove everything else, Just the game on it's own was good. It was all the other stuff that stormbasic didn't get right.
  • and there was a time that stormbasic just did whatever the subscribers wanted and to hell with everyone else. Stuff like raising the level cap when they did, without thinking how it would impact the wider player base. Equipment gold and levelling got so screwed up for lower levels and new players and those subscribers whining to stormbasic eventually all left.
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