stormbasic - a company of 1

My visions of Bacdar, once a week walking into an empty room with a laptop sat on a cardboard box and pressing a button to update the store may be closer to the truth than I thought.


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    Indeed i thought myself that only the janitor was left... updating the shop and answering 1x every 2 - 3 months on this forum with Bacdars account. ;))
  • Your link shows :
    Number of Employees
    ... so it was surely never a big company. But i remember their game Tehra Dark Warrior on PS3 fondly. It was easily one of the best 'Minis' (small games sold for 3 € in the PS Store, if anyone remembers. The Minis did not last long) and introduced some of INVOKERS caracters like Bacdar long time ago. :-B
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