End date??

The game says server shutdown is 31/5/19! But on Facebook you say:
In this season:
1. Daily reward will be 1,500 Gold coins every day.
2. The game shutdown has been extended at the end of June / 2019

End of June?!? That would be the 30/6/19 for me... @-)


  • Fake news, the servers shut down tomorrow, on may 31th
  • Maybe not. At 07.06.19 the game is still online!! With daily rewards... too bad shop is not updated. :-S
    But between 19.00 and 23.00 there is a good chance to get a match soon. Game still has players. \:D/
  • Hey Androsdunos go to team for team gold
  • edited June 26
    I don't want to play with cheaters. [-( What is wrong with you and metro75?? What do you gain?? Exept that the last few players stop playing too. >:P
  • Thanks guys
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