First Steps in Invokers Tournament ™


Invokers Tournament ™ is a competition which is celebrated frequently in the City of Anundabar. Thanks to this event, the city constantly recieves thousands of Invokers who, just like you, arrive to sign up to these legendary tournaments. All new Invokers commence under equal conditions. Your choice of weapons, equipment and rings and your own skill will be the determining factors that mark the difference between you and other invokers


Minions are allies that certain Avatars can summon as one of their special skills. These characters are controlled by the game AI and their first priority will be destroying enemy structures, though they will also attack nearby enemy players.


One of the most important elements of Invokers Tournament ™ is the existence of magic rings. Each ring has the power to summon a specific avatar that your invoker can transform into.

You can obtain more rings throughout the game with which to equip your character and choose the best strategy for you. Be warned! You will have to evaluate each ring and choose those that best suit your abilities or complement your team mates' strategy, for each avatar possesses exclusive characteristics and skills. Every invoker can wear two rings at the same time, multiplying the choice of spells and attacks for every battle.

Keep in mind that to invoke any of the Invokers Tournament ™ avatars, you must have sufficient fury, which will be consumed while the invoker is transformed.

You can fill your fury bar by fighting against any of the opponents in the game, destroying the different map structures or by consuming fury potions and flasks.


  • Character
    In this section you can check your invoker's attributes, damage, resistances and other parametres, as well as your level.
  • Right and Left Rings
    Select and view your available Avatars, as well as their aditional bonuses, quality and durability. You may also access more detailed information about each Avatar.
  • Belt
    Select this menu to view your consumables: Life and fury potions, spells, etc. You may choose which items you wish to carry with you into battle and place them on your character belt.
  • Equipment and Weapons
    In the last options of the menu you may find your weapons, helmets, spaulders, breastplates and boots. Bear in mind that your armour, weapons and rings all have a varying durability rate and will become damaged while you play. Check your Inventory frequently, since the more damaged your items are, the higher the cost to repair them.